Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center

Individual Competition Awards

Florida State University College of Law Civil Mock Trial Competition (Tallahassee, FL)
  • February 2016: Best advocate
  • March 2013: Best cross examination
Texas Young Lawyers Association National Trial Advocacy Competition
  • January 2016 (Queens, NY): 3rd Place, Best closing
  • February 2014 (White Plains, NY): Best overall Advocate, 2nd Place, Best overall advocate, 3rd Place, Best opening
  • February 2013, (White Plains, NY) Best advocate in the preliminary rounds
  • April 2011 (Houston, TX): Tiffany Cup winners
  • February 2011 (Buffalo, NY): Best opening
  • February 2010 (Syracuse, NY): Best advocate in the final round, Best Closing
  • March 2008 (New York, NY): Best advocate
  • February 2007 (New York, NY): Ranked 2nd place in the region (Team A), Ranked 4th place after the preliminary rounds (Team B)
  • February 2005 (Syracuse, NY): Best advocate, best opening, best direct, best cross examination, best closing
  • February 2004 (Albany, NY): Ranked seventh for individual score
Florida National Trial Advocacy Tournament (Gainesville, FL)
  • October 2015: Best cross examination
Queens County District Attorney’s Mock Trial Competition (Queens, NY)
  • February 2015: Best advocate
National White Collar Crime Mock Trial Invitational (Washington, DC)
  • November 2014: Best advocate
  • November 2011: Exceptional advocate
  • November 2010: Best advocate
  • November 2009: Runner-up best advocate
  • November 2006: Undefeated through preliminary rounds
Buffalo-Niagara Mock Trial Competition (Buffalo, NY)
  • November 2014: Best cross examination
  • November 2010: Best cross examination
Puerto Rico Trial Advocacy Competition (San Juan, PR)
  • October 2014: Perfect score award
  • October 2013: Best advocate
South Texas Mock Trial Challenge (Houston, TX)
  • March 2014: Outstanding advocate
  • March 2012: Best advocate
Capitol City Challenge (Washington, DC)
  • February 2014: Best plaintiff advocate in the preliminary rounds
Quinnipiac University School of Law Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition (Hamden, CT)
  • November 2013: Best direct examination
  • October 2013: Best opening
  • October 2009: Best advocate
  • October 2005: Best cross examination
  • October 2004: Best advocate, best direct
  • October 2003: Best direct, best cross examination
Golden Gate University, In Vino Veritas, Professor Bernie L. Segal National Mock Trial Competition (San Francisco, CA)
  • October 2013: Best advocate
ABA & The John Marshall Law School National Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition (Chicago, IL)
  • April 2013: Undefeated in preliminary rounds
Estrella National Trial Advocacy Competition (San Juan, PR)
  • April 2013: Best advocate, undefeated in preliminary rounds
Lone Star Classic National Mock Trial Tournament (San Antonio, TX)
  • October 2011: Best speaker, undefeated through all five rounds
  • October 2009: Best closing, undefeated through all five rounds
  • October 2007: Best cross examination
  • October 2006: 2nd Best advocate through the preliminary rounds
Stetson National Pre-Trial Competition (Gulfport, FL)
  • October 2011: Best advocate of the 3rd round
Phi Alpha Delta Mock Trial Competition
  • March 2011 (Arlington, VA), 3rd place
  • March 2010 (Las Vegas, NV), 3rd place
ABA Section of Arbitration Competition
  • January 2011 (Chicago, IL): Ranked 3rd place
Michigan State University School of Law: National Trial Advocacy Competition (East Lansing, MI)
  • October 2010: Best closing
  • October 2009: Best cross examination, best closing
  • October 2006: Best opening
  • October 2005: Best direct
University of Puerto Rico Invitational Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition (San Juan, PR)
  • October 2008: Four perfect scores     
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Trial Competition
  • October 2008 (Tampa Bay, FL): Best advocate of the 3rd round