Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center


What if I have a religious obligation that prevents me from participating in weekend competitions?

If you cannot participate in Saturday’s preliminary rounds for religious reasons, alternate competition times are planned for Wednesday and Thursday. Competitors in the alternate competition will remain eligible to compete in the quarter-finals on Sunday and will be contacted after nightfall on Saturday if they have been selected for advancement.

We are not able to accommodate religious conflicts with the semifinal and quarterfinal rounds on Sunday. However, we welcome those with religious conflicts on Sunday to participate in the preliminary rounds as a way to become eligible to join the Moores.

Although the Moores embrace diversity and welcome people of all faiths, students who have religious conflicts on weekends should be aware that nearly all interschool competitions take place on weekends.

If invited to join the Moores, we may not be able to place you on an interschool competition team, but we will make every effort to see that you have a rewarding experience with the Moores. For example, in the past, team members who were unable to compete on Saturdays have participated on Mooting teams.

What if I do not have a partner for the competition?

We will assign partners to students who sign up individually. We encourage students who do not have partners to sign up early.

How much time is this going to take?

There is no set rule about how much time you will need to spend preparing. You will have two weeks to prepare your cases; we recommend that you use that time wisely. Although each team is unique, our most successful teams have historically invested a few hours each night for the entire two week period. You must plan to be available for your preliminary rounds as well as the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds, and the final round. We will hold an optional orientation meeting where members of our Board will discuss, among other things, time management and strategy for the competition.

What if I don’t know how to ___ (write an opening, examine a witness, introduce evidence, etc.)?

The vast majority of our competitors have never been involved in a real trial or mock trial competition before. This competition is largely focused on style, preparation, dedication and effort, with technical skill only a small consideration. That said, we will be presenting a series of workshops about different aspects of trial lawyering that we encourage you to attend. We also recommend that students familiarize themselves with the Federal Rules of Evidence and Mauet’s Trial Techniques, available in the library and bookstore, to prepare for the competition. Additionally, third- and fourth-year Moores are available to answer your questions. The ability to learn and utilize new skills is an important quality we look for in admitting new Moores.

Should I take Evidence before I try out? Are there any prerequisites?

Any current student who has completed their first year of law school may try out, there are no additional prerequisites. Many Moores have found it helpful to take courses in evidence, criminal procedure, or other aspects of litigation, but those classes are not required. Moores who participate in designated intraschool and interschool competition teams may be eligible to receive academic credit (3 credits each spring semester, up to 6 total credits) in lieu of taking the school’s trial advocacy classes.