Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center

Fall Competition

At the start of the 2017-2018 school year, the Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Team will host three presentations to assist competitors in forming a case theory. The dates of these presentations will be September 9-11.

Competition rounds will take place on a Saturday and Sunday. Alternate preliminary rounds will be held for students who have religious obligations during the week prior to the weekend competition.

In teams of two, competitors will prepare the elements of a trial:

  • opening statement
  • two direct examinations
  • two cross examinations
  • closing argument

Teams will be scored both as teams and as individuals. Offers to join the Moores are made to individual competitors, not teams.

Competitors will prepare cases for both the prosecution and the defense. Current Moores and coaches will run several workshops before the Competition on the elements of the trial.

In each trial, the elements must be divided equally. For example, in when the team is the prosecution:

  • opening statement (Competitor A)
  • direct examination #1 (Competitor A)
  • direct examination #2 (Competitor B)
  • cross examination #1 (Competitor A)
  • cross examination #2 (Competitor B)
  • closing argument (Competitor B)

When that same team is competing as the defense, they will switch roles (i.e. the same competitor cannot give the opening statement for both sides).

Competitors will perform as one side in their first trial, and will do a second trial, arguing the opposite. Head-to-head matchups are randomly selected for the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds. Teams are scored based on style, ability to argue persuasively, and projected confidence. Judges will give feedback after each round.

The quarterfinal rounds will consist of the top eight teams and the semifinals will consist of the top four teams. The final round is held the following Monday evening in the Moot Court Room. All Moores who have earned a spot on the team are required to attend this final round.

Offers to join the team are not necessarily based on win-loss records but rather on the competitor’s ability to perform well and take direction from the judges; growth throughout the competition is an important factor as well.

How to sign-up

Students wishing to compete in the Fall Intraschool competition must sign up.

An e-mail to sign up for the competition will be sent out in early August.  Students will have about 2 weeks to sign up for the competition before signups are closed.  The competition problem will then be released in late August. Students will have 1.5 – 2 weeks to create a case theory.

Students may sign-up by sending an email to with subject line “Fall Competition Sign-Up.” Please include the following information into the body of the email and answer the questions.

  • Your Name?
  • Your Email?
  • Your Phone?
  • Do you have a partner?
  • Partner Name?
  • Partner Email?
  • Partner Phone?
  • Will you need to compete in the alternate preliminary rounds for religious reasons?

Please send any questions to Intraschool Editors Christina Awad ( and Tom Sperber (

For advice on how to prepare for the Fall Intraschool Competition, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.