Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center


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Alumni Association Announcement: 

The Moores have begun an exciting new chapter and founded our own Alumni Association. We look forward to hosting events in the coming months where the alumni can get together, network, and help the current Moores.

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We congratulate the students on all their hard work and stellar results this semester and commend the dedicated alumni who coached them

Current Board:


We are very pleased to announce our new Alumni Board Members: 

Chairperson – Cassandra Rohme 

Vice Chairperson – Amy Markel 

Historian – Michael Hardin 

James L. Kainen Award & Networking Events Co-Chairs: – Fawn Lee & Robert Iodice 

Continuing Trial Advocacy Education Co-Chairs – Brittany Russell & David Mou 

Alumni Mentor Program Co-Chairs – Katie McCabe & Zoe Rosenthal 

Communications Chair – Austin Murnane

Alumni Newsletters:

Alumni Newsletter – Spring 2014


Alumni Newsletter – Fall 2014